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6 Newborn Sleep Secrets Every Parent Wished They Knew

Parents, have you ever wished you had a Baby Sleep Fairy at your beck and call? Someone who could whisper fairytales into your little one’s ear and make her fall asleep peacefully, just so you can have the restful night you so rightfully deserve.


Well, whilst we are still looking for the right pixie (Job Alert: Baby Sleep Fairy Wanted), fret not. Our team at Parentdigm has sought from far and wide, secrets to keep your baby, well – sleeping like a baby.


This is Normal 


Relax, parents – You are not alone. The truth is that Babies keep their parents up at night quite often. In fact, they have an inborn talent for that!


However, getting your baby to sleep longer at night from early months will ensure that they develop healthy sleep patterns and receive the well-deserved rest at night.



This is Also Normal 


A baby’s sleep, particularly in the early months is typically full of interruptions. Usually, it takes about three months for a baby to get adjusted to the difference between the timings for day and night. As a result, parents may even suffer sleep deprivation until the baby learns to sleep through the night. This has got to end.


We bring you forth, the Secrets.


Sleep Secret # 1 – White Noise is Good 

One of the biggest misconceptions with regard to babies’ sleep is that perfect silence is a must for a good sleep. But did you know that sleeping in a completely silent environment is quite weird to a baby after being in a noisy and dynamic womb for nine months? Exposing your baby to White Noise will help her not only fall asleep, but stay asleep!


White Noise gets its name from White Light which is what our eyes see when all colours make up the visible light spectrum. Similarly, White Noise is generated by frequencies equally distributed over the full hearing range. However, research by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that white noise should have a low volume and placed at least 2m from your baby’s crib.


Sleep Secret # 2 - Getting Into the Right Mood 

The setting of the baby’s room is very important in setting her mood for night’s sleep. Dim the lights to create a sleep-inducing atmosphere. Dim lights signal to the body that it’s time to sleep and produce melatonin - a light-sensitive hormone that calms the baby. Digital devices before bedtime should be avoided at all costs. They emit blue light that suppress the rate of melatonin, and can greatly impact your baby when such devices are placed close to the face.


If your baby wakes for a feeding or diaper change, continue to keep the lights dim and use alternative light sources like a dim nightlight handy, just in case you may need it. Or, you could use the Sleepy Baby LED Nursery light that parents are vouching helps your baby fall asleep quicker and for longer.


Sleep Secret # 3 –Keep It Cool 

Room temperature is especially important in getting your baby sleep for longer stretches. An ideal sleeping temperature for babies is between 20-220C.


During sleep, your baby’s body temperature naturally cools down but if the room is too warm, the body has to work harder to cool it down, making it more uncomfortable to sleep. When checking on your baby, feel her tummy or back of her neck that it’snot perspiring or too warm that may put her at an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


In a climate like Singapore that tends to be hot and humid especially during certain months, it’s better to turn on the air conditioner or place a fan that circulates the room.


Sleep Secret # 4 – Food Trouble 

Foods like broccoli, tomato, apple, grapes, berries and citrus are rich in salicylates can cause sleep troubles. All these veggies and fruits are nutritious and healthy. But if you want your baby to have a good night’s sleep, it is advisable to not include such food in their dinner. Dinner should be at least 1-2 hours before bedtime to prevent her from waking up during sleep to go potty.


By the time your baby is old to sleep through the night, make dinner their heaviest meal so they can go to bed with a full and happy tummy. For example, a warm oatmeal at dinner is satisfying to keep a baby with happy dreams through the night.


Sleep Secret # 5– Repeat and Repeat 

Repetition is the mother of skill. So, mummies take note – Having a consistent bedtime routine is integral in developing healthy sleep habits. Give your baby a warm bath and keep herrefreshed before bed. Playing your favourite song –soft relaxing music, and reading hera bedtime story will help prepare your baby for sleep. Repeat the same set of activities daily and your baby will be conditioned to know that it is time to sleep.


Sleep Secret # 6 – Good things come to those who wait 

When your child wakes up in the middle of night, don’t rush to soothe her. Wait for few minutes until she falls asleep on her own to ease her. If you run to comfort her every time she wakes up,she will not learn how to fall off to sleep without you.


Your baby’s sleep is important to her health (and to your health too!). Helping your baby to develop healthy sleep habits at a young age will keep her refreshed and energized all day.